Chi-Hé Elder

“I didn’t mean that”: Pragmatic inference, accountability and deniability.

Jordi Fairhurst

Rethinking the epistemology of deep disagreements through the lens of Wittgenstein’s later philosophy

Jorge Gonçalves

Empathy and Psychiatry

[1]     The concept of mental illness is contingent and depends largely on the values of a specific society, and it is difficult to define psychiatric categories applicable to all societies.

Kym Maclaren

The Self-Constituting Dynamics of (Culturally Mediated) Interpersonal Distrust: A Case Study from, and Reflection upon, Prison

Hili Razinsky

Interaction and subjectivity: An analysis

Andrea Westlund

Trust, mistrust, and autonomy

Dina Mendonça

Dewey’s notion of situation: Intersubjectivity, Tertiary qualities and  communication 

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